On Site Delivery

Site Joiners

With the majority of our work being London based, we have a large directly employed work force who are based in & around this area. Over the last few years we have set up an on-site apprentice scheme which has been a huge success & has since grown significantly in size.

We are fostering the 'Train and Retain' culture by involving the youth & community as it helps the area and the trade thrive.

"As a company we are very happy to have over 20 site apprentices and more based back in our Leicester factory. These numbers are unheard of in the industry - we really are 'Setting the Standard's'" Andy Carter, Senior Projects Manager


Our long standing relationships with numerous stone contractors and quarries throughout the world have allowed us to be market leaders when supplying luxurious stone finishes for our clients. This allows us to offer a wide variety of rare finishes which is essential for the bespoke and uniquely designed interiors we create. 

Our teams work closely with our carefully selected stone subcontractors to ensure the stone is supplied and installed to the highest quality, something which is vital when working to our tight programs. We find our most effective stone work is in bathrooms and this has been really popular in recent years. 

Specialist Finishes

Many of our projects require something a little extra or out of the ordinary, so we are experts in sourcing and providing some beautiful specialist finishes. Often working with UK suppliers, our procurement team work endlessly to find the best manufactures.

From hand blown glass handles to custom made egg shell wallpaper, we are the masters of specialist finishes, which often makes the interiors we fit so exciting and cutting edge.  


Over the past 15 years EE Smith has developed a stable, reliable services team allowing us to deliver mechanical, electrical and Audio Visual installations to a variety of our clients. Over recent years, we have delivered a wide ranging number of projects where the services installation and design have been pivotal to the success of the projects. Whether it’s a spa, private dwelling, hotel or bar, we have the supply chain to provide the solution. Recent projects that have been heavily focused on services have included Battersea Power station, an apartmentcomplex in Knightsbridge and several prime residential projects. We have both internal and external resources to deliver our clients services requirements from concept to completion and as we grow, our sub-contractor’s grow with us.


Site Polishers

As our business grows from strength to strength our work force is ever evolving and we are currently training our very own specialist site polishing teams.

Our on-site teams work seamlessly in tandem with our factory polishers in the production stages to ensure all of our site finishing is to the highest standard. This is really effective when so many of the specified finishes are bespoke and need expert final touches. 

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