Our highly skilled workforce is complimented further still by our state of the art 3 & 5 axis CNC and finishing facility. This ensures we are fully equipped to produce the finest bespoke or mass produced work to the tightest tolerances.

In addition to this we have invested heavily into the beam saw & band saw. We are always on the look out for the latest machinery advancements to make our production line even more efficient as we continue to grow.


Carefully handpicked veneer is selected by our highly skilled operatives ensuring the aesthetics and quality are to the highest exacting standards. We go through multiple precise processes in the veneer shop, from guillotining, stitching, gluing, pressing & trimming.

Due to the hand finished nature of our work, we can create one of a kind patterns & designs to fulfill our clients needs, something we do frequently given the nature of our unique work

"Purchasing our own veneer enables us to select and grade materials to the standards that meet our clients needs as well as ensuring that all of the material procured comes from sustainable source." Lee Ward, EES Buyer/Veneer Consultant


Across our 6 factories our advanced skills and knowledge continues to be passed down from the experienced craftsmen to keen, young apprentices. We are able to deliver and maintain the highest standards of workmanship and finish by keeping our quality training in house.

We provide our staff with the best quality materials, tools & guidance to ensure everything produced is of an unparalleled standard.

"Generations of expertise live on as we continue our traditional method of manufacturing good quality joinery" Michael Kleios, Pre-Construction Management 


With an entire factory space dedicated to door manufacturing & the highly sought after Q-mark accreditation allowing us to produce doors to the highest industry standard.

We can manufacture doors to any fire rating & any acoustic rating required, with experienced on site installation teams. We also produce doors to a variety of finishes using our veneers and spray shop facilities, giving our clients endless possibilities for each unique project. 

"We are really proud of our Q-Mark accreditation as we were the first company to pass with Excellent after our first review (apart from a company that had an affiliation with BM Trada) " Luke Cooper, Production Manager


Using modern techniques of production & fabrication blended with traditional skills & experience we can deliver the best architectural & structural metalwork, made to the tightest tolerances & highest standards. Combined with the flexibility of matching any finish, from plating, to patination to bronzing - we can provide the perfect integration of joinery & metalwork, something extremely rare under one roof.

Similar to other areas of the business, the skills shown in the metal shop are rare in today's modern era, so we put a heavy focus on Metal Shop apprentices too, to ensure these techniques are passed down through the generations.

"It's a massive benefit to every project when all the hand crafted bespoke metal work is done in house and at the same time as the joinery" Matthew Incles, Senior Buyer 


Our traditional & creative specialist hand applied techniques bring to life a wide range of unique & beautiful designs. With the most advanced coating systems and environmentally controlled spraying facility, we can produce the finest finishes to both small and large scale projects offering the perfect balance of quality and quantity.

Over £1million has gone into creating our state of the art, 10 booth, top spec spray facility. By increasing capacity so significantly, our capabilities & efficiency have also increased, making it a real asset to the growth of the business.

“As a company we have invested heavily in the latest technology to deliver the best quality to our clients”- Neil Bottrill Managing Director

Quality Control

We have a dedicated team of Quality Controllers who inspect every item before it leaves our premises. By having such a stringent process in place, it guarantees that every detail is perfect for our clients.

This process starts right at the sampling stages, where these are then stored in controlled environments & used as reference later down the production line. By managing every stage of manufacture, it eliminates any opportunity for error & allows us to create truly quality joinery.

"Our emphasis on quality control is what sets us above other manufacturers, as everything is checked so carefully"  John Richardson, Production Director  


Our on site delivery & dispatch team are highly skilled in wrapping, packing & transporting delicate goods. No matter what the size, weight or shape of the item, we will always find a way to get this safely & securely to site. We have recently invested in 4 brand new Lorries, meaning we never have to depend on logistic companies to transport our bespoke, 1 of a kind joinery pieces.

As our programmes are often so tight it’s really useful to have a team on hand 7 days a week who are available to deliver any time we need. This is just another element of the business that sets us above & beyond other contractors.

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