Design & Development

Design & Development

With over 30 draughtsmen on hand to design & develop our wide range of projects, no detail is too complex for our elite team. Our highly skilled CNC, Auto CAD & Inventor trained draughtsman work around the clock to create systems which refuse to compromise the build-ability or beauty of our prestigious projects.

Without our Design Resource & CNC programming teams, many of our projects would be non-starters and it’s their passion which takes our work to new advanced levels. We are often dependent on their innovative ways to find solutions to multiple problems across our projects & it’s this creative thinking which makes our work so successful.

We invest heavily into our apprentice draughtsmen scheme too, running yearly  awards, where they will have the opportunity to earn state of the art kit for themselves, to give them the very best chance at success.

Site Survey

With industry leading 3D surveying technology we ensure all site works are installed to the highest level of accuracy.

The Leica BLK360 allows EE Smith to capture three-dimensional point cloud surveys of projects during any stage of the installation. This provides us not only incredibly accurate survey data of any space, but live site condition information too which can be referenced by anyone at any time.

The 3D surveys can be viewed as models, sectioned and referenced in CAD drawings and geo-referenced to ensure all elements of a project from design to installation are completed to the highest level of accuracy.


At EE Smith we recognise the significance of Building Information Modelling (BIM) within the construction industry and with this in mind we have developed a training programme to ensure all of our draughtsman are trained in 3D.

Our 3D software translates directly into our CNC programme, allowing a smooth transition from drawing to manufacture whilst removing all margin for error. The 3D joinery models can also be exported in different file formats so that they can easily be incorporated into a federated model

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