EES Terms & Conditions

Samples of specialist finishes:



Veneer & solid timber samples are submitted as typical of the colour & grain structure of the material and some amount of variation must be expected. Samples cannot be guaranteed to conform absolutely to the client control samples or products supplied for matching . Although a good indication, one handheld sample cannot give an exact indication of the full character of the larger scale materials to be installed. Visual appearance of sample will vary under different lighting conditions, exposure to UV light or general aging over time.

Different species of timber age/react to light exposure quicker than others & this is something we will highlight to you during the sample approval process if we feel the particular finish will change drastically.



Metal finishes such as patinated Brass./liquid metal/specialist paint finishes etc are processes which  are hand applied and will naturally result in variations and slight inconsistencies. This is due to the nature of materials and processes used. Where relevant, we will advise the most suitable metal finish/material for the area of use, which may vary from original specification due to moisture levels, high traffic use or chlorine exposure.


Paints & Lacquers:

EE Smith spray lacquer & paint finishes will have sheen level tolerances of +/- 5%. Our on site hand painted finishes will have a tolerance of +/- 10% as we have less control over the pre-mixed formulas.



External Supplier’s exclusions relating to finishes will also apply, for further details please request technical submission upon receipt of sample & your O&M manual.

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