The Ballroom

6000 Sq Ft Pillarless Ballroom

The world’s first super boutique hotel, The Londoner, is bursting with intimate little corners & personal touches, but wouldn’t be complete without a super-scale ballroom space for show stopping events. Names the jewel in The Londoner’s crown, this breath-taking pillarless marvel of 6000 sq ft has a capacity of 800+ guests. Both visually & technologically design to adapt to an endless range of events from weddings, awards & conferences, this glamourous back-drop makes the perfect blank canvas for The Londoner’s cosmopolitan array of guests

This colossal space was one of our biggest challenges when designing, sourcing & manufacturing this project, with concept drawings showing a unique bronze chainmail curtain to the perimeter of the gigantic space. Complete with warm toned mirror details, light Alpi Oak finishes & a stunning pre-function brass clad bar, this space is set to be London’s most iconic new event space for years to come.

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