Chateau Denmark

Inspired by Denmark Street’s rare hustle, Chateau Denmark brings together creative expression and fine architectural detail to present something fierce. Across 16 buildings, session rooms and apartments capture a spirited independence in a neighbourhood steeped in cultural heritage.

With 55 rooms and apartments along a street where the Sex Pistols once lived, the Stones recorded their debut album and Bowie and Hendrix all hung out – if the walls here could speak, you’d be hooked on more than the hook.

Our specialist joinery features in 2 of the boldly styled areas, gothic & loft, which create an authentic theme in keeping with its unique community.

Contrasting to our usual sleek joinery, Taylor Howe Interior designers requested aged, damaged & worn finishes, crafted bespoke by hand in our specialist workshops. In addition to these vintage timbers & metals, we supplied hand carved crucifix’s,  embossed leathers & laser cut brass.

Our specialist joinery formed part of the apartments wardrobes, bars & kitchenettes, along with bespoke, cast dragon ironmongery.

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