Partnership with The National Forest

EE Smith was established in 1897 a time when sustainability and greenhouse gases were virtually unheard of. Going forward through almost 125 years, attitudes have changed, and the awareness of our natural resources have become ever increasingly important. Starting in the late 1960s, Brazil began cutting down and burning forest at an alarming rate, with timber being a major component of our works we soon became aware of the future possibility of our procurement responsibilities, by 1974 we were only buying timbers that were from managed forests and avoided all products included on the CITIES list and advising clients on alternative products. Around this time were investing heavily in production technology to help reduce waste and use of Gas, Electricity and Water and have continued to do so to date.

Given our extensive use of timber over the years, we really wanted to give something back. We chose to Partner with The National Forest because of their exciting approach to a more sustainable Britain through such a bold environmental initiative. Covering over 200 Square miles across 3 counties, the commitment & support of local people has ensured this vast forest continues to grow. In as little as 3 decades, the National Forest Organisation have planted 8.9 Million trees, transforming black industrial land to luscious green fields. This has provided opportunities for outdoor learning, developing woodland economies & also supports healthy lifestyles.

EE Smith are now Corporate Social Responsibility Partners, which supports the National Forest Mycelium – The enterprise ecosystem of the forest. As we take small steps towards growing a positive future, we start by planting 20 of our own trees in the forest, which we plan to increase over time. Some of our biggest timber suppliers are also CSR Partners, making our supply chain even more socially & environmentally responsible, something that isn’t always easy to achieve in this industry. There are many additional benefits to becoming a partner, with invites to exclusive events & regular forest updates. We look forward to growing & nurturing our partnership over the years to come.

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